Super Windy at Judy & Bob’s !!!!!

So after we got back from some of our sightseeing on Saturday, we just sat on the back patio and Judy and Bob’s.  They have a beautiful home with an even more beautiful back yard.

Judy served us fresh-made iced tea and we sat under the patio umbrella and talked and shared family photos with each other.  It was an absolute gorgeous afternoon, about 80 degrees, but with a healthy “Breeze”.

After a few hours, we decided to step inside for a bit before heading back to the RV park for the night.  Just as we got inside we heard a large “Clunk-Clunk” on the roof.  We ran outside to see “what was the clatter” and, …. well, you’ll just have to check out the pictures to see for yourself.

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Do you see what I’m talking about?  Fortunately, they had a young man neighbor next door who was willing to get up on the roof for us!

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