Visiting the Alamo & Dale Miller

Having left Rainbow’s End Escapee RV Park in Lewiston, TX on Sunday morning we headed (without incident!) on down I-35 and then west on I-10 over to RiverBend RV Park in Luling, TX, about an hour east of San Antonio.

When we got in about 3pm on Sunday we parked and then right away called our old friend Dale Miller.  Dale and I were Realtors at the same time at the Coldwell Banker office in Delaware back 10+ years ago.  We wanted to try to meet Dale for dinner.

We took the car another hour west on into San Antonio and the Alamo where Dale works as a Texas Ranger.  Although he had just finished his shift for the day, he graciously provided us with a free parking spot and a private guided tour of the Alamo buildings and grounds.

While visiting most museums, it’s left to the visitor to read all the little signs, Dale did the interpreting for us and his stories were interesting and informative and even entertaining!

Then the three of us headed on over to the Riverwalk and enjoyed dinner together at County Line BBQ, afterwards taking a short walk along the river.

Back at Riverbend for the night, in the morning we’ll take a walk back to the San Marcos River at the back of the campground, very likely visit San Antonio again, and we’ve been told we need to drive up to hill country about an hour to the north to Fredericksburg.

We’ll post more later, stay tuned.

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