Low Water Alarm!

So we’ve left Tulsa and headed toward Oklahoma City when an idiot light on the dash and a buzzer comes on telling us we have “LOW WATER”.  The engine temperature gauge and all the other gauges show all is well in the normal operating range.

We stopped at the next truck stop, added water into the reservoir on top of the radiator, and back on the road in no time.  We THOUGHT that took care of it, only to have the alarm come back on a couple hundred miles down the road.

Turns out we are leaking coolant out the back end (which is where the engine is located).  We called Coach-Net (our RV travel insurance provider) and they are hooking us with another local Freightliner dealer in the morning to get things fixed.

UPDATE – Coach-Net called us this am and we have an appt at Freightliner of Oklahoma City, about 45 miles back north, but that’s ok, at least we’ll get it fixed.

They pulled it right in to do an assessment and found that we have a bad (leaking) water pump.  The part is in stock and they will start work on it this afternoon after lunch and they figured should be ready about noon or so tomorrow (Thursday).

Thank goodness for the Coach-Net RV Road Hazard and Breakdown insurance, they are paying the lion’s share of the expense.  With just this one repair, the program has already paid for itself.

So we came to downtown OKC to get a room and see the sites.  Here’s a brief slide show of our afternoon meandering along the RiverWalk through Old Bricktown.  Bricktown is a few blocks of old multi-story brickfactory and warehouse buildings that have been re-purposed to offices, loft apartments, and tons of pubs, grills, bistros, patio piano bars and more along the riverwalk.  We even visited the American Banjo Museum – We had no idea there were so many makers/models/designs/variations of banjos!

We continue to learn something new every day …


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