Our Home On The Road

We’re excited about our new “home away from home”.  We drove to Parkersburg, WV late last fall and came back with this 2003 Airstream “Land Yacht XC 365”.  It’s a quality custom built coach (36′) built on a Freightliner Custom Chassis and powered by a CAT 300hp diesel engine along with an Alison 3000 Electronic 6 speed transmission.

Fitted with leather interior, full bath w/ large shower, washer/dryer combo and all the other typical features of custom coaches of this vintage.  With the rear engine (quiet) and air bag suspension, she rides and drives like a dream and we’re so looking forward to heading out to the west coast this spring.

Stay tuned for more as we get closer to our departure date (scheduled for April 1, 2016)

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4 thoughts on “Our Home On The Road

  1. Hi, we’re new to the RV life. Actually, haven’t put our toe into the water yet. Have been looking and learning for several months. The reason I’m writing is we’re starting to get serious and believe we want a 2003ish Airstream Land Yacht. The one I’m most interested in has no slides, is gas, on a Workhorse frame.

    I’ve seen “Cat engine and Freightliner chassis” many times across many different brands of rigs. What advice to you have regarding gas/workhorse vs. Cat/Freightliner?

    Any other key questions I should be asking about the rig? Or any rig, for that matter?

    1. I think you’d appreciate the power, the airbag suspension, and quiet ride (the engines in the rear) of any diesel pusher (DP) over any gas motorhome .. that’s why we switched from a Monaco on Workhorse to Airstream on an Fliner with diesel. If we were to buy another MH it would be a DP for sure. Also one of the 99 to 2004 vintage. 99 was the first year for slides in RVs and we like our living room slide, although we could see ourselves living in one without, just not quite as comfortable. Are you going to live in it full time? If so, then look at storage space, especially closet space and pantry space. I’d be glad to talk with you anytime. You can look for me on FACEBOOK and send me a private message with your number

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! “You’ve only just begun!” I’m guessing
    You won’t wait a year to get on the road again!

    C. And D.

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