So here we are just a couple days before the Thanksgiving holiday and getting just a little stressed out. It really shouldn’t be this way, this should be the official beginning of a happier time where all is well and we are content with our lives and our surroundings.

But there are so many events that evoke emotions deep within us and, unfortunately cause us stress and anxiety, sometimes to the point that we just want to “shut it all off and just go back to work”. Sometimes over the years I’ve said to myself … “Let me go back to work so I can get some rest!” and the pressures of the holidays can be the impetus for feeling this way.

If you don’t sometimes feel this way, you are fortunate to be of the nature and make-up that outside influences don’t effect you, at least not to the point that you become non-productive and anti-social

Thinking about the upcoming holidays, I’m already starting to stress and thought I might list possible reasons for this. Maybe if I verbalize it, if I “make a list”, then this will be theraputic for me and all will be well this holiday season – (yeah, fat chance).  But here goes anyway.

I wondered what other people find unnerving about big holidays and thought I’d take a little poll. What (if anything) about the holidays stresses you out?  Let me know your thoughts …. I really am curious.

I'm curious ... what are your thoughts on this?